"Amazing work!"

We have loved ones at back home in Ghana and often at times we want them to also share in some of the things we have here in the UK.  It’s great to have found Best-One as they simply make this experience possible, with every shipment uniting people and country.

Sister Serwaa 



As part of the security checks that, the delivery team in Ghana will ask your recipient a code. I had lost my code but when I called Best-One Customer service and going through security with them I was given the code again and I gave it to my receiver in Ghana. 

Sister Agnes


"I would highly recommend"

I run a store in Ghana and all my stock on my shop floor is purchased in the UK. Getting it to Ghana was a problem as first until I met Best-One shippers. Well they simply removed the problem and replaced it with safe and secure delivery of stock, time and time again.

Afia Asantewaa 


" Job well done!"

Its always to good to know that you have a company that can securely and safely deliver your pre-packed items to Ghana for you.
My pre-packed items was delivered this way to Ghana through Best-One Shipping Ltd

Aunty Abena


"Great support"

When the collection team came to my house to do the collect of my pre-packed items. my solid-tape was not  well-done.

They helped me with retaping it and made it much more secure for transport.  



"Trusted Service from A to Z"

It was my first time  using the service  and it has been my number one choice ever since.

For me and my business we have come to depend on Best-One shipping ltd for our stock delivery, with every delivery we get is through Best-One Shippers.



Message From Best-One TeAM

Best-One at a glance

If you are an existing customer, we like to thank you for using Best-One services and we wholeheartedly appreciate you for not just making us your number one door-to-door company shipping to Ghana from the UK, but also for using our service over and over and over again.

With our real-time tracking system, every step of the way is trackable, so you know that your pre-packed item(s) is in safe hands.

We take complaints very seriously and we have a range of measures to address them should there be one arising from a shipment which is a rear occurrence in our years in the shipping business.

Feedback is a very good thing and as part of our company's good practice, we appreciate such. The team and I will continue to work on ensuring feedback is reviewed very closely by the management team.

At Best-One Shipping Ltd, be it a small pre-parked parcel you would love to ship to Ghana, from the UK as a gift for a loved one, or shipping a large commercial shipment, we are glad you have made us your number one choice.

If you have not tried our service, you are welcome to do so and be part of the Best-One Shipping Ltd, simply the best experience.

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